Trucking Insurance

Helping you plan for the road ahead is the focus of our Transportation Insurance Department. We offer the trucking insurance coverage and services the Trucking Companies need for the owners, their operators, trucks, semi's and trailers.

Why do you need transportation insurance? Our policy requires a custom approach with Gateway Insurance Agency's knowledge of the trucking industry, we can be one of the tools your trucking firm can add to your business.

You and your employees depend on commercial vehicles every day as an essential part of doing business. Protect your vehicles as well as your employees with Commercial Auto Insurance from Gateway Insurance Agency because road conditions, weather and other drivers on the road are simply beyond your control.

Who needs Commercial Auto Insurance? If the vehicle(s) you and your employees use on the job are owned by your business you will need commercial vehicle coverage. If you and your employees use the same vehicle for work and personal use, if it's owned by the business, it should be insured by the business. Even If you have a one person business that involves the transportation of goods or people you likely will need the protection of commercial auto liability insurance.

Contact Gateway Insurance Agency and ask for Caitlin today to determine if your vehicle(s) are properly insured.